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Animation: Martian Manhunter

Jess Hendricks

I have always wanted to score films, so when I discovered , I finally found a solution to make my own shorts to score. Using that in addition to for modeling, and

for AI voices, I am able to create the short episodes in relatively short time.

The story follows the titular superhero, Martian Manhunter, as he is pulled from his home world of Mars 10,000 years ago into present day Earth. His brother, Malefic, had wiped out the entire population of Green Martians. J’onn J’onnz is teleported to Earth by the scientist Dr. Saul Erdel in Gotham City where he takes on the identity of Detective John Jones. (I moved the location from Middleton, CO to Gotham to add some fun connections up the road)

I have 4 total episodes already, with the first technically being a music video I posted quite some time ago. They can be viewed on YouTube or in the embedded videos below. If you haven’t already please like the videos and subscribe to my channel!

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Time for a Fresh Website

As I have evolved beyond Wordpress, its time for me to build my own site using more interesting Technology. Namely, NextJS.

Jess Hendricks

Some New Music Releases

I've been composing a lot of new music recently. I worked on a couple more tracks with a "superhero" theme and have composed a good bit of my next concept album, Heroes and Gods that is inspired by the "Monomyth" or "Hero's Journey" by Joseph Campbell.

Jess Hendricks